Short Skirts

[JPG picture, 21k] "A woman sitting in a short skirt must perpetually classify men out of the corner of her eye, and that is her hell. There are those who avert their gazes when they talk to her. These are scared or hard to get. There are those who look boldly at her thighs, the frankly sexual; and those who steal looks slyly, the dirty young men. There are those who look only at her face, the ones who don't need her. Then there are the ones who look first at her face and then at her thighs, and for them she is a person first and a sexual object after that.

"Those who look away can be seduced, the bold used, the sly humiliated, the respectful respected, and the last loved. All this is noted by her and decided without a word or even a glance in return, and she has known it all since childhood if she is a real woman. If she puts her coat over her knees, then she is waiting for something or somebody, or trying to make up her mind about some trouble; in that case she does not need nor want his glances, and the man has known this since childhood if he is a real man."

From Chapter 8, entitled "A Man of the World", in the book Sex in Human Loving, which is attributed to Cyprian St. Cyr and/or Dr. Horseley.