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Catholic Schoolgirls

are without peer in the wretched annals of Western Civilization. Although the papacy is thankfully in decline, it once wielded a cold steel boner over the world, channeling its terrified followers' sexual energies into global Sadism Pageants. The church subsumed the faithful's carnal appetites and gave them back bloody Crusades, brutal inquisitions, and public witch-burnings. It systematically extorted poor, hardworking souls in exchange for the cynical promise of a heaven that doesn't exist. It ostracized and punished and often killed those who dared challenge its divine authority. Its insane oligarchy's warped libidinal misery forbids abortion so that the fetuses can grow into little children ripe for physical and sexual abuse at the wrinkled hands of a depraved clergy. Chastity belts and mohair shirts and self-flagellation. The dead-flesh smell of incense, the rote torture of Mass and the rosary, the constant screaming threats of hell, hell hell...

The Catholic Church has been a naughty, naughty boy.

Catholicism is an S&M cult masquerading as a religion. It is the largest, longest-running Fetish Ball in history. There are heavy sexual undertones in its aesthetic of darkness, in its mandatory confession of sins, in its clerical vows of celibacy, in its nutty doctrine that priests can literally turn bread and wine into Christ's flesh and blood, in its teaching that the son of God popped out of a virgin's vagina, and in its insistence on showing the crucified Jesus in all his gore-splattered pain. (Note that Protestants display empty crosses rather than crucifixes.) It's no coincidence that sadomasochistic role-playing borrows heavily from Catholic iconography: undefiled virgins, stern confession-booth priests hearing your most embarrassing secrets, and evil nuns, who were history's template for the modern dominatrix.

The Holy Roman Church has been in power for two thousand years, and it is therefore responsible for more human suffering and sexual repression than modern-day pestilences such as fascism and communism.

Despite all that, it has also given us the Catholic schoolgirl uniform, so I hereby declare all its sins forgiven.

Hi, my name is Sandra and I used to attend a nice Catholic Girls School in the Philippines. I am now 21 years old and have kept my uniform but only just realized that men like me to wear it when we have sex. I personally like to wear it without any underwear on underneath then sit on a man's face while he licks my bald pussy.

--Ad for a Hong Kong porn site


The young Catholic schoolgirl was being overpowered by her own budding sexuality. Almost by reflex, she slid her already-short skirt farther up her thigh. She took her pen and pushed it up the rest of the way under her skirt, rubbing the bottom of the pen against her pink panties.

--From a fiction piece posted on


THERE IS NO CLOTHING FETISH MORE COMMON than that for the "naughty schoolgirl" outfit. It is so universal--so catholic, in the lower-case sense of the term--that it hardly seems like a fetish at all. It is a mandatory item in every stripper's wardrobe. In virtually all pornographic magazines and videos, you'll find some pigtailed maiden in a short plaid skirt acting young and innocent. Countless websites cater to the obsession, boasting come-ons such as "Who wants some tight Catholic schoolgirl pussy?" and "Catholic School Girls in uniform...and out....oops!"

The schoolgirl fetish is by no means limited to Catholic girls. In England, where they killed all the Catholics, the "naughty art-school girl" is a star player in erotic fantasies. In Japan, sexualized schoolgirls are a national obsession on a par with rape-themed comic books and penis enlargement.

The libidinous fixation on schoolgirl outfits belongs to a broader fetish for all uniforms, such as those for nurses, waitresses, and cheerleaders. Uniforms are sexy because they harness the individual. They depersonalize you and make you interchangeable with others in uniform. They imply tight, repressed, vacuum-sealed, anti-individualistic discipline...until the wearer can stand it no longer, at which time the buttons pop off and the zippers unzip. Uniforms bear something S&M about them that becomes more troubling when the uniform in question is common among underage girls. Nurses and waitresses are presumed to be adults; cheerleaders and schoolgirls aren't.  ASK THE AVERAGE MAN: "Do you like Catholic schoolgirl outfits?" and his answer will be, "Yes."

Then ask him: "Are you a pedophile?" and the answer will be, "No."

Yet since Catholic girls only wear uniforms until the end of high school...and since most high-schoolers only reach age 18 during their senior year...any adult male who's aroused at a girl wearing such finery is essentially fantasizing about sex with someone the law defines as a child. It's not as clearly pedophilic as "big daddy/ little girl" psychodrama, but it's still dicey.   AS PART OF MY LABORIOUS RESEARCH for this noble essay, I asked about a dozen guys--none of whom seem like baby-reapers or cradle-robbers--whether they thought Catholic schoolgirl outfits were sexy, and they all said yes without hesitation.  So I can either conclude that they're all homos, or that the main appeal of Catholic schoolgirl outfits lies outside the sickly realm of child molestation.  I should confess that I speak as one who shares the fetish. I believe that if a woman insists on wearing clothes, at least let it be a Catholic schoolgirl uniform. I find them so hot, my testes swell like boiled eggs whenever I see one. My cock is drawn to a plaid skirt like a big pink moth to a flame. I can't describe it because it is beyond is spiritual. 'Tis something more mystical than the divine mysteries of the Eucharist. It is the power of the Holy Ghost moving between a girl's thighs.  Her plaid skirt is the matador's red cape, and my cock is the bull. I see that red tartan pattern, and I need to get at the little furry monkey beneath it. The girl could have the face of an algae-eater, and yet in that uniform, I want to make more little Catholics with her. Like someone liberating the German camps, I want to set free all that repression in her vagina. raise that Cunt Kilt and fuck her. Pull her pigtails and fuck her HARD. Spread her legs like the Red Sea and savagely defile the wench. Stick your pope-thang up her. Fuck all the guilt out of her. Fuck all the Hail Marys and Our Fathers clean out of her. Nail her as if the bed is a wooden cross, she's Jesus, and you're a Roman Centurion. Grab that hot Catholic ass and get busy.



I WAS RAISED CATHOLIC, so don't start squawking that I'm prejudiced. I was given a twelve-year sentence in their school system, so I know of what I speak. Twelve years of near-daily exposure to those uniforms. My testicles descended, my voice changed, and I sprouted pubes while surrounded by a forest of two thousand Catholic schoolgirls in uniform. My high school eschewed plaid kilts in favor of one-piece blue polyester zip-up things with a light-blue shirt underneath, blue knee socks, and a little patch on the left breast. The ample boobs of the girl who sat behind me in sophomore-year's homeroom class yearned to break free from their blue-polyester prison...or at least that's what I hoped.  I lost my virginity at age 12 with a Catholic girl, and I can attest that the "Sluts for Christ" rumors are mostly true. There is more sweat and desperation in their lovemaking than the public school girls, with their "sexually healthy" attitudes. For a faith so allegedly sex-hating, Catholicism produces females who swallow cum like it's holy water. They're the sort of girls who'd raise Jesus from the dead just so they could blow him. They are wanton cesspools of carnality, sticking themselves with dicks like a junkie uses needles, taking in cocks like a chain-smoker lights cigarettes, one after the other, more, more, MORE...It makes sense that a religion which strove to destroy the sex drive would wind up producing oversexed progeny. It's as simple as a law of physics: You push it down hard, it comes back up hard. Tell her she can't do it, she'll do it twice.  Poor girl. The church acted as if it owned her vagina, forbidding her from having an abortion, denying her the choice of having a baby or dumping it in the clinic wastebasket. But all the attempts to neuter her have ultimately backfired. The church placed a psychological cork in her vagina that couldn't help but pop. She could only "hold it in" for so long. How many thousands of times during her schooling has she been forced down onto her knees, eyes closed and mouth wide open awaiting the bland Christ wafer? So the first time she takes it upon herself to get down on her knees, be sure she'll put something more substantial in her mouth.  So I'd speculate that the fetish for Catholic schoolgirl outfits has little to do with an attraction for underage chicks and much more to do with the allure of sexual repression finally unleashed. When it comes to Catholic schoolgirl uniforms, the word "schoolgirls" is far less essential than the words "Catholic" and "uniforms." It's not pre-pube innocence which drives men wild--it's the LIE of innocence.\Whatever papal flunkey thought these outfits would be a good way to harness female sexuality was a Class-A retard.Or maybe not.  Perhaps there's something more devious at work. Drowning in scandal and dwindling membership, maybe Rome is using the Catholic schoolgirl outfit as a last-ditch recruiting tactic. I see similarities to the Children of God cult from the 1970s, where female missionary-prostitutes won converts by having sex with them. It doesn't bother me, so long as you keep making those
uniforms.  Jim Goad; author.


Period Pleats

Although this is a relatively small part of Historical costume, used almost exclusively for gathering skirts and sleeves to a waist or armscye, it is one which several people are confused about. The main reason for this confusion lies not in the complexity of pleating (for it is a very basic skill, easily learned), but because it is a process difficult to describe in words. The difference and variety in pleating--knife pleats, box pleats, rolled pleats, stacked pleats, cartridge pleats--really does require illustration to help get the picture.

Here you will find pictures and description of the several types of pleating common to historical costume.


Knife Pleats
This is considered one of the most basic types of pleating, and is used even today in skirts and gowns. It can be definitely dated to the 16th century, though earlier use is likely, and has been commonly used for basic gathering purposes. Smocks were gathered to neckbands using this type of pleating. Petticoats and skirts were gathered to waistbands. Some large hanging sleeves were gathered to an armscye in this fashion.

Knife pleats produce a smooth line down from the gathering point. In other words, a knife-pleated skirt doesn't "spring out" from the waistline, but rather falls straight down.

The "classic" knife pleat, shown to the right, has a 3 to 1 ratio: that is, three inches of fabric will make one inch of finished pleat. It doesn't matter how wide or narrow the pleats are; if they look like the picture to the right, the 3: 1 ratio will remain the same.

In some 16th century gowns, deeper knife pleats were used. The depth of the pleat was two pleats, three pleats or even four pleats deep. A picture of this is shown to the right. This allows more fabric to be pleated to a band or bodice, and produces a fuller skirt. It also makes for a bulkier seam.


Box Pleats
Box Pleats are one of the most popular types of pleats for Italian Renaissance and 16th century costume. They are, basically, two knife pleats "back to back". They are seen nowadays on some skirts.

Box pleating is used by many for skirts and petticoats which will be worn over bumrolls, and is used to pleat large sleeves to armscyes and pleat the skirts of italian renaissance gowns to the bodice. Box pleats are often wider than knife pleats, but the basic 3:1 ratio remains the same--3 inches of unpleated fabric makes one inch of pleated fabric.

Box pleats have more "spring" to them than knife pleats. Box-pleated skirts tend to puff out from the waistline slightly. They are also good for thick fabric, such as brocades, velvets and heavy wools.

If you're short fabric, you can get the effect of box pleats by pleating as shown to the right--very shallow box pleats. Naturally, you won't have the fullness that whole box pleats would give.

In some cases, where extra fullness is desired, you can do "double box pleats", also called "Stacked Box Pleats", shown to the right. This type of pleat requires five inches of fabric to create one inch of pleating. It will make the fabric spring out even more from the seam, and produce deeper pleats. It also creates more bulk at the seamline. This type of pleat is very handy for creating small neck and wrist ruffs--if one edge of a 2-inch-wide band is pleated in this fashion, the other side will produce very nice figure-eight ruffles.

"Stacked Pleats" are another variety of box pleat. Instead of the edges of the pleat meating in the middle, they overlap eachother for the whole width of the pleat. They are similar in nature to rolled pleats, and a picture of a "stacked pleat" is shown in the picture below. It is the pleat to the right.

The two types of pleating listed above are the most commonly used by people. Below are a couple of "specialty" pleats, used to achieve particular effects.


Rolled Pleats
This type of pleat, which creates long, tubular pleats running from the waistline to the ankle, is not commonly found. In fact, there is no hard and fast evidence that it was used at all prior to victorian times. Nevertheless, it achieves the look of the pleats found in several 16th century portraits and pictures , particularly those of Lucas Cranach, better than any other kind of pleating I've tried.

The concept behind rolled pleats is simple, if somewhat hard to explain--take a large pinch of fabric, fold the pinch up until you're back to the fabric, and lay it flat. One person mentioned using a large serving fork for this purpose--place the fabric between the two fork tines and start twisting the fork, rolling the fabric as you go. To the right is a picture of the finished pleat. The one to the left is a rolled pleat. The one to the right has been called a "stacked pleat" (see the section on Box Pleating Above).

This type of pleat requires more fabric than box pleating or knife pleating. The minimum amound needed for one pleated inch is 5 inches of fabric. Depending on the number of rolls you make per pleat, this can go up to seven. Needless to say, this can create a very bulky seam line. Some people prefer to finish the top of the skirt before pleating it, and then sewing the pleated edge to a finished bodice.


Cartridge Pleats This is a different kind of pleat than all of the pleats described above. Basically, a length of fabric is gathered into even gathers and the top edge of the gathers whipstitched onto a waistband.