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Why don't American men wear skirts? When men around the world wear some form of sari, sarong, kilt, daishiki, tunic and/or wrap, American men seem stuck in a zippered society. Reluctant to change their ways.. .whether they're interested. Or not. Personally I've been wearing skirts and kilts now for over 20 years. . .out publicly. . .as a male. It's not drag as in female impersonation either but it is. . .a skirt or a kilt. Often worn with fem or androgynous boots. . .tights, or stockings in cooler climate. Or with clogs or sandals in summer. It's so easy to do. I just wonder why more men don't do it.

But, it wasn't always easy. Back when I started wearing skirts out publicly, naturally I was leary about going out in places where a lot of eyes would be scrutinizing me. Peer pressure is always the thing that stops people dead cold when it comes to expression. However, that 's mostly because one side is insecure about expressing themselves... while the other side is just reacting negatively. In time I found that gap not only tolerable. . .but virtually a non factor. As the Nike ad states, "just do it". Easier said than done in the beginning.

When I was in my 30s, I virtually worshipped Halloween. It was a time you could "legally" dress up. The national holiday for crossdressers. I viewed Halloween a better holiday than Christmas. . . and pined for it. Only back then, it was more a fetish event than a cultural or fashionable one. For one night of the year you were given "license" to "be" someone else. Only this is the time many bona fide alter egos emerge. I wasn't the only one who lamented Halloween only being a one night a year holiday. Fetish plays a big part in why we do . .and wear. . what we do. At least it did for me.

However, at time moved on (and 9 Mardi Gras under the belt) I found that I wasn't content to just wear my skirts once or twice a year. I also began to fill out my 6'4" body. Always athletic I had (and have) great legs. . .but the upper body was thin. Then I stopped eating meat and gradually put on almost 60 pounds of muscle. That was the end of dressing in "camp" drag. No big deal. I had my fill. But I didn't want to give up skirts and boots. And, to be honest, I hated the fact that women had unlimited fashion rights while we men were left with pants and shirts and shirts and pants. It wasn't fair. Not to mention . .stylish. If that wasn't enough, I hated TIES. Still do. The worst piece of "fashion" ever invented. Nothing looks worse than a lardass with more chins than a Chinese phone book stuffed into a shirt and tie. So. . .I rebelled.

Fast forward to the present. I own more skirts and kilts in my closet than pants. I pair them to shirts and boots. And out the door I go. I love the look of a long skirt just below the knee, slightly above the tops of my knee length boots. If I choose to wear stockings or tights, or knee socks. . then it's usually unseen. . but still a part of the look. It satisfies my need for fetish. . and fashion. .with one fell swoop. I go virtually everywhere in skirts and kilts. You can find me in grocery stores, banks, libraries and public building in them. They love me at the Home Depot. Imagine loading a truck with lumber. . in a skirt. I love it. The only place I wouldn't go would be a biker bar. .even though my size and stature would fit in. . I don't think it wise to invade their Harley space in a skirt. A leather kilt maybe. . .

So, my fellow American men . . .if you want to move out of your staid jeans and stodgy pants. . .you could. Granted this isn't for everyone and I don't even try to insist that everybody could. But. . it would even the tables if men had the opportunity to wear something different . .like our female counterparts do. That's fair I'd say. Why should women be allowed to raid our closets and be considered . . fashionable. . .while men in skirts be considered pervs? I don't get it.

Suffice it to say that I have found my niche'. I'm not a crusader for a "cause". I just followed my heart. It must have made an impact for many men have sidled over and whispered to me that they'd like to try wearing a skirt in public. . .but lacked the nerve. My reply was: hey, just put one foot in front of the other and walk forward. Can't. .never could." It would be a shame to leave the earth never having tried something so insipid and non threatening. There are certainly more pressing things on the agenda.